Company Profile
ZouReal Valuations has been created to provide specialized services in the field of Valuations, Estimates, Mortgage Advice, Research and Negotiations. We provide Property Valuations at every stage of asset lifecycle.  Our property valuation team provides a fast and cost-effective service that can be tailored to the needs of individual occupier / landlord clients / financial institutions.

The director is Mr. Costas Zourides and at present the office is manned by Mr. Zourides Costas and Mr. George Staurou, who are considered as by highly qualified, experienced appraisers, who are able to have a complete picture of the market. The purpose of ZouReal Valuations are introducing new innovative processes and activities so as to become more competitive, and quality. Also our services are described by reliability, speed, flexibility and confidence as required by the needs of the market.

All valuations are market-based and carefully researched, and provide an accurate current and past value, with addressing and  taking into account expectations to future effects in the property market.

We have offices in the province of Larnaca and we execute assessments on a national basis, providing knowledge and perspective in all aspects of the Cyprus property market.

Mr. Costas Zourides profile
Mr. Costas Zourides is a registered member of R.I.C.S and E.T.E.K. He has worked in October 2007 in the province of Larnaca and Famagusta District as real estate appraiser in company C. Zakheos Property Surveyors & Valuers. In November 2009, he has worked in the company Danos Valuations Ltd in the province of Nicosia.  In 2010 he joined the G & P LAZAROU VALUATION SERVICES LIMITED, created the department of Valuations and Assessments and works there until May, 2012. Mr. Costas Zourides is the founder and owner of ZouReal Valuations, who personally undertake to handle all areas of work.

ZouReal Valuations, declares proudly a registered member (MRICS) of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). The RICS is the world’s leading organization for professionals in the real property, construction land and related environmental issues.

Furthermore, Mr. Zourides was granted by the E.T.E.K (Technical Chamber of Cyprus) since 2007, with the licenses of practicing the profession.


Feasibility Studies:
ZouReal Valuations uses a multi-level, challenging and methodical investment process in an effort to provide an objective and reliable assessment of the given proposal under consideration.  A typical feasibility report take into account the following segments:

  • General Analysis of the Market / sector / asset class.
  • Presentation of all the data collected for the project under study.
  • Valuation and Real Estate due diligence reports
  • Property Fundamentals.
  • Development cost vs income generation.
  • Financial Modeling Scenarios.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Risk Mitigation Factors
  • Exit Strategies options


Investment Appraisals:
ZouReal Valuations approaches Investment Appraisal by using a combinations of Financial Modeling skills with relevant qualitative strategic considerations.  A typical investment appraisal report emphases on:

  • Cash Flow modelling.
  • Financial Modeling Scenario Analysis
  • Alternative Investment Appraisal Methods (NPV, DCF, IRR, ROI, ICR’s)
  • Qualitative Strategic Considerations.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Exit Strategies Options.


Valuation Services:
ZouReal Valuations provide market-based and carefully researched valuations, and provide an accurate current and past value, with addressing and taking into account expectations to future effects in the property market.  All property valuations are based on RICS Standards. We provide valuation report for all purposes including:

  • For Bank Lending Purposes.
  • For Acquisitions.
  • For Compulsory Purchases.
  • For Problem Resolutions between owners or others.
  • For Advisory Purposes.
  • For Valuations to be presented at the court.
  • For Portfolios.
  • For Financial Reporting
  • Commercial Valuations.
  • Residential Valuations.
  • Hotel Valuations.
  • Retail Valuations.
  • For Special Property.


Real Estate Due Diligence

Development Management

Government Incentive Strategies